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Getting a good nights' sleep

I have always had trouble sleeping. I'm just someone who finds it really hard to let go of the stresses of the day. My local pharmacy is such a great resource in helping me to get better sleep through improving my general health, giving me tips on blocking out light and sound as well as herbal supplements that can really help when you need to relax. It's such a great resource to have someone local who know so much about my health and my health history when I need this kind of help. This blog is a tribute to getting a good night's sleep with the help of my pharmacist.



How Will E-cigs Help Improve Your Oral Health?

E-cigs come with numerous benefits over traditional cigarettes, but few people think about the dental advantages. Here are just a few ways in which switching from cigarettes to e-cigs will improve your oral health.

You'll Keep Your Pearly Whites

A smile is one of the first things people notice about each other, so it makes sense to keep yours bright and healthy. Unfortunately for cigarette smokers, the tar and ash which they channel into their mouths causes residue and plaque to form on the surface of teeth, causing the notorious yellowy discolouration synonymous with that pesky habit.

In contrast, vapers have no need to worry themselves. E-cigs don't emit tar or ash, so your teeth stay white, and your smile stays stunning. Smoking also carries an increased risk of tooth decay, so switching to vaping means you're more likely to keep your full set of teeth.

You'll Avoid Bad Breath

If the prospect of a yellowy, gap-toothed smile hasn't already convinced you, try adding bad breath into the equation. The chemicals in cigarettes will stick to the lining of your mouth and your lungs, thus creating a chronic bad breath problem. Switching to an e-cig means being able to ditch your supply of gum and stop worrying about offending your date whenever you talk. Smoker's breath will be a thing of the past.

You'll Enjoy Stronger Gums

Smoking is also linked to poor gums. This is due to the way in which it damages the attachment of bone and tissue, and the interference it causes in the normal functioning of gum tissue. This creates a situation in which gums are more susceptible to infection, and in which the blood cannot flow to them as easily and thus make the damage slow to heal. E-cigs don't play havoc with your gums, so you can vape to your heart's content.

You'll Lower Your Risk of Oral Cancer

Lung cancer is the most frequently cited health disorder associated with smoking, but cancers can also form in the lips, cheeks, tongue, palate, sinuses, and in the floor of the mouth. Surgery will be needed to remove the resultant tumours and radiation or chemotherapy will follow shortly after. At worst, oral cancer can claim your life. Smoking is a major cause but e-cigs do not present the same risk.

Aussie electronic cigarettes have numerous advantages—both cosmetic and health-wise—over traditional cigarettes. Make the change today for a brighter smile, stronger teeth, better breath, and healthier gums.